Here's a collection of videos from some of my television projects. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel for the latest updates and uploads. Richie Kohler YouTube Channel

HMS Perseus

The second trailer in the Dark Water series about the HMS Perseus and the incredible story of a sole survivors amazing escape from his lost British Submarine during World War Two.

The Search for USS Lagarto

A short trailer detailing the story of the American submarine USS Lagarto, which sank with all hands in the Gulf of Thailand during WWII. The full feature film can be purchased from the Wisconsin Maritime Museum who helped fund the project.

Trailer for The Mystery of Britannic

I have been working with the incredibly talented explorers and film makers at U-Films since 2015 and am proud to share the trailer for their upcoming film about one of my favorite shipwrecks the HMHS Britannic.

Legendary Beasts of the Abyss

Longtime pal Evan Kovacs and I set out to be the first to dive a World War One German U -boat sunk under mysterious circumstances off the Scottish Coast, and our journey brings us to search for Legendary Beasts of the Abyss....stay tuned for more info!

Aquacat Shark Dive 2017

In 2017 I went on a week long dive trip with the Aquacat out of Nassau Bahamas. There was some fantastic shark action, and here is small Go-Pro capture of the action...

100 Years Kea Shipwrecks

This video is about 100 Years Kea Shipwrecks. Richie Kohler made a tribute to Carl Spencer during the flotilla outing on Friday 30th Sept. 2016 in the Kea Channel, Cyclades, Greece. Wreaths were tossed over the position of the HMHS Britannic shipwreck commemorating the 100 years anniversary together with S/S Burdigala sunk 7 days before Titanic's sister-ship.
In June of 2009, the British diver-explorer Carl Spencer lost his life during a National Geographic Expedition.

Divers Tell Tale Of Mystery Sub

Only 60 miles off the coast of New Jersey, in 230 feet of dark, frigid water, lays the twisted hulk of World War II U-boat — a German submarine that once prowled the American coastline.
Decades after the war, a team of daring divers found the wreck. They didn't do it in the safety of a mini-sub like the one that found the Titanic.
As 60 Minutes II correspondent Mika Brzezinski learns, they risked their lives to swim down to it with just the air tanks on their backs.


Nazi Attack Against America

A short promo reel of upcoming the documentary film, "Nazi Attack against America". It's about "Operation Drumbeat", when German U-boats first attacked the United States. I worked with Lone Wolf Media group on this NOVA/National Geographic project and had the chance to dive the wreck of U-85 off the North Carolina coast and also explore the U-166 and other deep shipwrecks in the Gulf Of Mexico with Bob Ballard aboard the Nautilus.

USS Perry Dive Footage

Deep Sea Detectives episode, short video clip from our two dives on the wreck of the USS Perry located off the Palauan island of Peleliu with John Chatterton, Evan Kovacs and Chip Lambert. During the filming we discovered an unexploded Japanese mine next to the wreck. The wreck lies in 250 ft of water less than a mile from Angur Island.

Secret Underwater Caves of the Dominican Republic

Deep Sea Detectives short out take from the episode "secret caves". We had permission from the Dominican Govt to not only dive these closed sites, but to handle the artifacts and then put them back in place.after filming. It was the some of the best cave diving I have far and the ability to see first hand pre-Columbian Taino artifacts that had been undisturbed for over five hundred years was awesome! With John Chatterton, Evan Kovacs, Jeff Bozanic, DJ Roller, Kirk Wolfinger, and Uwe Rath

Diving the B-29 Bomber in Lake Meade

Deep Sea Detectives, a few out takes from another of my favorite episodes, a lost B-29 bomber at the bottom of Lake Meade. A special Thanks to the National Park Service Dive Team for all the hard work and help in making this project happen! With John Chatterton, Evan Kovacs, Kirk Wolfinger, Brett Seymour and Dave Conlin

U-85 Wreck Dive

Short video about the wreck of the German U-boat, U-85 sunk off North Carolina during World War Two. This was part of a NOVA/National Geographic documentary film with Lone Wolf Media titled “Nazi Attack on America” that sadly didn’t make the final cut. Special Thanks to Bill McDermott and the folks at Outer Banks Dive Center. With Marty Morgan, Mike Boring, Billy Palmer, and Kirk Wolfinger.