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The Tragic Twists of HMS Olympus

For as long as people have set out upon the water, seafarers have been a superstitious lot, wary of bad omens and blaming ill fortune on powers beyond the realm of mere mortals. Inexplicable events meld with nautical lore, serving as explanations when no logical answer will fit.  Bad luck to those who set sail on Friday the 13th, whistling Continue Reading

Take it or leave it

Well that’s certainly the question isn’t it? While exploring a new wreck you suddenly come across a (insert artifact of your dreams here:  port hole, lantern, ships bell, or silver coin). Your heart skips a beat and you can’t believe your eyes as the reality sets in. You wave over your buddy who films it in place and once documented, Continue Reading


As an underwater explorer for nearly forty years, only a handful of my discoveries have had a direct connection to living people, but those few have been the most satisfying and poignant of my career. It’s even rarer when our discoveries can correct a historical “wrong” and enable a wartime hero to receive recognition 72 years after the fact! In Continue Reading

Mikhail Lermontov

In 1986, the United States and the USSR were at still very much head to toe in the Cold War, each vying to show the world the technological superiority of their respective country and political systems. Before the year ended, each would capture the world’s attention, but with horrifying disasters of technology gone terribly wrong. In January the pride of Continue Reading

National Geographic Britannic Expedition

2009 National Geographic Britannic Expedition Carl Spencer’s phone call is the kind that wreck divers like me LOVE to get; “hey mate, I’m heading up a dive team back to Britannic in 2009, you in?” He had to be smiling like the Cheshire cat on the other end of that transatlantic phone call cause he knew there was no way Continue Reading

History Channel Britannic Expedition

2006 History Channel Britannic Expedition A dive trip to Britannic is by every definition of the word, an “expedition”. For those who have not taken part in such an event, it is by no means assemble your gear and “go diving”.  Time, preparation, proper tools/equipment and team work is what is essential for success and a safe return.  The 2006 Continue Reading

RMS Titanic

My dive was nearly over, and it was time to ascend. I picked up the microphone and keyed it up “John, did you find the ribbons of steel?” After an interminable pause, a one-word reply came back from my partner, “Negative”. His answer was a punch in the gut, immediately sending me to the opposite end of the spectrum. I Continue Reading

Andrea Doria

Most folks appreciate ice-covered mountain tops from afar, content to stay safe and warm at the base, but there is a rare breed, a few intrepid fools whose inner voice commands they must climb, driven by testosterone or ego, simply because it is there. Obsessed with standing on top of the world, they strive to conquer hostile slopes, their reward; Continue Reading

Gulf Of Thailand Wrecks

In our ever shrinking world the opportunity for divers to explore virgin territory, whether it’s a cave system, reef formation or shipwrecks, grows smaller with each passing year. In the last decade, open circuit tri-mix and closed circuit rebreather’shave dramatically expanded the range of the technical wreck diver, and those with the explorer bug are no longer content with the Continue Reading

Discovery of the U-215

I left in the early morning, a steady rain giving my trip an ominous start. The windshield wipers swept back and forth as I drove thru New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, heading to the ferry terminal in Portland, Maine. The downpour was incessant and I feared this weather would blow out my trip. I still had hundreds of miles Continue Reading

Dry Tortugas Wreck Diving

Just seventy miles from Key West lie a tiny group of islands, set like gemstones that rise from the cobalt blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Discovered by famed Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon in 1513, the low-lying islands are harsh and mostly barren, with only patchy mangroves and scrub brush to cover the arid coral outcrop. An Continue Reading

Shipwrecks of Palau

The islands of Palau are exactly what you would expect of a tropical island paradise; exotic smells waft on warm breezes through a lush green jungle that blankets each island while thriving coral reefs explode with every imaginable color in the surrounding crystal clear water. Most divers trek here to explore phenomenal dives site like Blue Corners where sharks, turtles Continue Reading