BUC_CONCH[1]Conch Republic Divers is one of my favorite shops in the Florida Keys. For training or just fun diving the many awesome shipwrecks and reefs of the upper Keys are just a short ride away. Just tell Admiral Brenda and Captain Gary I sent ya! 

spreeLogo13MV Spree is based out of Key West Fl and is one of the most comfortable dive boats I have been on, visiting some of the finest technical diving in the Dry Tortugas and the Lower Keys. Capt Frank accommodates sport and technical divers and will help you with every aspect of your trip.

Divers Den is located in St Mary's Georgia, home to some great diving, in an area that's still vastly unexplored both the off shore ship wrecks and the cave systems of upper Florida!
wdmWreck Diving Magazine is a great way to get the stories and history behind the adventure, and also a great way to start planning where you want to go wreck diving next!
sds-logoSilent Diving Systems has been keeping me underwater and NOT making bubbles for almost tens years, great product and service!
tdi-logoTDI SDI When you training is the only thing keeping you out of trouble on a big dive, you want to train with some of the best and most experienced.
logoOThree25O Three Drysuits. In my nearly forty years of my cold water diving, I have strived to stay DRY and comfortable and I am a big fan of my OThree suit!
nesswithwritingNortheast Scuba in PA has nearly everything a diver needs, and what he doesn't carry in stock, "crazy John" will get for you!
Duck-Diver-MarketingDuck Diver Marketing, Megan and Howard did a knock up job on my site, like what you see, then drop them a line!
Shearwater_fullcolor_avatar_RGBShearwater Dive Computers, easy to use, read and operate When my gear is easier to operate and understand I get more out of my dive. I love my Petrel dive computer!
Henderson Wetsuits. I don't always dive wet, but when I do, I dive Henderson. Stay warm my friends