Richie Kohler

"Life is a matter of luck, and the odds in favor of success are in no way enhanced by extreme caution"

- Kptlt. Erich Topp, famed U-Boat Commander

About Richie Kohler

Richie Kohler’s passion for technical scuba diving and maritime history has led him to explore some of the most challenging shipwrecks in the world, including the Andrea Doria and HMHS Britannic. Searching for lost ships has led him to locate and help identify numerous lost vessels, including the U-215, a German mine laying submarine on the Georges Banks off Nova Scotia, USS Murphy, a WWII destroyer that was crushed and forgotten in the New York approaches, and others. But it would be the identification of a German U-Boat, the U-869 that would catapult his diving career into the world of television and documentary filmmaking.


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